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Comparing home extension quotes


23 Aug 22

Comparing home extension quotes: what to look out for

We are often advised by clients that a competitor has provided a cheaper quote for their project. Here are a few things to look out for when comparing extension quotes.

You should always study your quotes carefully to identify any shortcomings, particularly for those that come in cheaper than others. Although, this can be a difficult task for a number of reasons. For example;

  • quotes come in different formats
  • they include different options
  • quality of materials can differ
  • experience of workers can differ

To top it off, some quotes can be intentionally vague to allow the construction company flexibility on the build.

Our number 1 tip: you should always review your quotes with the provider and ask them to justify costs if the breakdown is scarce. There is no harm in doing so, and you should be given some peace of mind on how your investment is being spent.

At Abbey, we ask our clients to share competing quotations with us so that we can compare and justify our own quote in comparison.

The most common finding is that competing quotes contain little to no information about key aspects of the construction. Sometimes we find a lot of information about a particular phase, but the most important details are missing.

We aim to provide all the relevant information about every element of the construction. This is to give our clients clarity about the product we are providing and its quality.

We provide this information in our initial quotation and work with the client to refine the specification prior to commencing on site. Most commonly we find that once we have undertaken a review of a competitors quote, and shown the client the quality of specification included, that we are not actually more expensive at all!

We have a reputation for delivering a high quality construction using high quality and low maintenance products. Whilst we can sometimes seek to reduce our overall costs to match some of our competitors, we can never do so if it means compromising on our finished product.

You can find out more about our quotation process here, or click here to download an example.

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