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How much does an extension cost?


23 Nov 22

How much does an extension cost?

If you’re thinking about increasing the available space in your home, it’s natural to worry about how much you’ll be investing. So how much does an extension cost?

The simple answer is around £290 per square foot. On average. This is factoring in some nice glazing, a new kitchen and some modern flooring.

If you’re looking for something super high-end, you’ll likely pay above average, but remember that everything you invest increases the value and appeal of your property. Our top tip is that you find a building company that you can trust to help you understand your return on investment.

Ideally you’ll want to sit down and assess your available budget, or explore means of funding such as a home improvement loan or equity release. Then work with your building company to plan out where your budget is best spent – you should consider;

Which features will improve quality of life for my family and I?

Which features will bring me the best return on investment when I come to sell my home?

Your building company should help guide you towards the best results. Ask them for a proposal that clearly itemises your project, and lists any third parties (architects, special trades etc.) who are involved along with their costs.

There are several factors that can effect the bottom line cost for your project. Things like;

Location. Especially central London areas. Skips, scaffolding, even parking permits can cost significantly more in central areas.

Type of extension. Single storey, double storey, wrap-around, loft conversion. All have their own requirements and may effect cost per square foot.

Build requirements. Timber frame or brick/block. Fitting supporting steels or lintels. Specific foundations.

Your build partner. Are they simply there to erect the structure or are they, like our team here at Abbey Extensions, providing a completely turn-key solution? You may pay more for the latter, but you’ll have the peace-of-mind that everything is being managed for you.

It’s important that you build partner is clear with you about where their responsibilities start and end. When you compare quotes, make sure you ask questions where items/lines are above or below average value.

So, how much does an extension really cost? It’s hard to say. But you can use the figure we mentioned in the first paragraph to give you a ballpark.

If you follow our tips, you can make sure that you’re making a smart investment regardless of the final cost.

Steven Gilbert Director

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